Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well shoot

I'm in Aukland New Zealand at the moment and I hadn't anticipated how difficult it was going to be to keep a blog going. Internet being a premium and time of the essence.

13 hour flight, amazingly great flight because I was flighing first class (seriously if you can, do it!) the people who were just inbetween coach and first class must have hated sitting there. We had really cool chairs that converted into beds. Pod flight was fantastic. I read about Darwin and his theory of evolution on Audio book read by the author and started reading The Road. Creepy. I'll have to look for it while I'm here stopping in at the random libraries along our rout.

I had an interesting experience with some people in the Aukland Library - I heard one guy kidding another one and joined in. Had an good chat with a librarian named Chris who really liked my accent. "Very soft" and found it hilarious to hear me say Aukland as AWKland instead of Ookland.

There is too much to talk about at these sporatic intervals. I'll have to figure out a better system.

I was thrilled to see Emily in Vancouver before we left Canada and she'll be happy to make it into another post. Hugs dear!

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