Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anxiety/Bipolar Packing... screw it... no wait...

I've been packing and repacking everything. This feels like too much and that feels like too little. Where will I store anything I pick up along the way? Do I take along books to read? I've packed 4 books, is that too many?

I still need to make a bed slip so I can sleep well away from bed bugs. Getting attacked by those little guys once in my travels was enough for me.

Thanks to some youtube videos I've been getting good tips and thinking about my pack in a different way.

I've just finished reading Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne and have been thinking how fantastic it would be to pack like Phileas Fogg and only take 2 shirts and some socks in a bag. Then again he wasn't actually experiencing any of the places he was going to. He was just staying on the boats and trains. He wasn't even looking at the places for the most part... I must remember to pace my shutterbug tendencies when I get over there.

I just can't go unprepared...
Still need to read through more of my guide books...

Too many things in various directions.

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