Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saying bye and hello... yeah I just went cliche on you

Well I've bought my pack and have named it Igor a la Young Frankenstein. It has a detachable day pack so it looks like my bag has a hunched back. I think I love it already. I spent a good portion of yesterday randomly hugging it, and essentially cuddling with it, as I was hanging out and saying goodbye to Emily. She is heading off for schooling in BC... she might be in the air at this moment... I'm not sure.

As for today I planned for my trip a bit and went bowling with a diverse group of friends of Chris one of my friends. I've met most of them before so it was really fun with a nice mix of familiar and new faces. I like how Chris and I know many many people and sort of have a meeting exchange. Eventually our game of "How many people do you know in the room" will be nothing but ties.

I got a chance to chat with the newly married Ric and Andrew which was essentially meeting Ric for the first time (a quick hi 6 years ago doesn't count as meeting someone even in my books) and having a longer conversation with Andrew where I got to know more about what he does in his life. A very interesting short chats, between our turns on the lanes, about the porn industry that I wish could have continued.

My hands have slight blisters on my fingers from whipping the ball. I'm sure it is poor form or something, but it was still lots of fun. The lanes have a way of tracking how fast the ball is thrown. I thought I did rather well with 22km/hr, then I glanced over and saw the blur of a ball, Ric had rocketed that mass at a rate of 44 km/hr. WOW... I questioned if it was physically possible... well obviously it is. But now I'm wondering at what speed a professional bowler would throw. I'm off to ask the internet.

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  1. I was a tag! fantastic. and I'm not in the air as of yet; that's for six o'clock this morning.