Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heading home on this beautiful day.

Sarah might have said something profoundly interesting this morning when she came in to wake me but I have no memory of anything before being suddenly aware that I was playing Sudoku. I find that in the morning, as I have no inclination to drink coffee, that a number puzzle wakes me up faster. I sat thinking and letting my brain catch up with the time when I heard the rest of the house singing their morning prayers. It was wonderful and comforting. If I were in anyway a believer this house would be perfect for me to spend a year here as a volunteer. As it is, I feel very welcome whenever I make a visit and am very sad when I've left them.

I packed my bag and loaded my car feeling like I was sneaking out. Thankfully the rest of the house joined me shortly in the kitchen. We shared breakfast and a lot of laughs. I said my goodbyes and headed out on my 6 hour drive home. The only things of interest was my lunch on the side of the road where I ate my sandwich looking at some cows who were over at their fence looking at me. One had its hair up in a sort of mohawk and I was pleased to have them as my company.

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