Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think I might be addicted to libraries

I can't walk into a library without leaving with at least a book or two.

Two examples:
1: Yesterday I was returning some books and walked out with a bag just as full as I'd walked in with.

2: Today I was returning two that I finished last night... and I brought six more out of the building.

There is something about having all the books in one place that makes me think I might have the chance of reading them all if I just get faster. I did subsequently finish one on my way home. But I can't really claim that it was thanks to some huge reading speed that I might have. It was shortish, thick, sparing on words and images but was still a little fun to read. The title caught my eye as I was checking out. "If we ever break up this is my book". It inspired me to try out some amusing ideas... some that I don't think the intent was really there to begin with but will none the less hopefully give me a smile in the future.

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