Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to life.

Well, that title doesn't really work as I was always alive. I am however back in Canada, back to my city and back in my own home. I've taken to reading as much as I can while I have this uninterrupted time. With no responsibilities of school or work I've been getting through a huge pile of books to read. I've just about finished my 5th book of the month (not counting audio books and manga/comics). But my trip count included audio books so maybe I should count those too. Alright revision. I'm about to finish my 9th book of the month. I want to keep up the level of reading that I had on the trip, if not go further with it. In the almost six months I was away I finished 28 books...

The bulk of my reading took place in the four months I was in New Zealand and Australia. Singapore, Korea, and Japan were too packed to get much done. I did borrow a book while I was in Korea, I was staying with my lifelong friend, but I felt more down than inspired. Sitting at home while I could be out exploring? I don't think so. It was different when I was driving around the outback and along the mountains of middle earth with my parents. We would spend maybe 3-5 hours in the morning driving, explore for the rest of the day and have an evening of reading and rest. Wake up the next day and repeat.

"The Asia portion of [my] trip", as most people I met were calling it, was all me planning what to do next and how to get the most out of my time. Hoping trains and buses and finding hostels (or anywhere) to stay in.

I'm thinking of getting all my notes from the trip transferred from my journals into a typed format so I can edit easier, but I also plan on uploading photos. And I have yet to do either. It feels like the trip is entirely an incident in my life that is cut off. I went away and have returned. I don't want to be the person who looks back and says "Those were my glory years." and can't have any conversation that doesn't include "When I was in (insert country name here) I.. Blah blah blah"

But it was a huge part of my life and feels like a starting or jump point. For now I'm just going to focus on getting back to having adventures at home and thinking about what job I want and where I'm going to live to start this "adult" portion of my life.

Goal for today is to finish the next 50 pages of my book, return it to the library, and make some butter tart slice.

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  1. I know what you mean about the cut off thing. No trips ever feel real when you get home.