Friday, September 4, 2009

I don't agree with time.

It is silly that I can't customize this to say that this is still Thursday. This still feels like the same day to me even if that pesky hour hand has made a full rotation of the face... well maybe I deem my days to begin and end at 2am. That is usually when I find myself crawling into bed when my eyes won't stay open anymore and that is when I find myself finishing up chats with people. Still this is a decrease since a few years ago of the 4am/5am conversations... sadly a great many of these interesting evenings reside only in my memories as the other participants have been drunk a good deal of the time. I don't even have an issue with people drinking, just don't tell me that you never see me at parties or that I leave so early, when it is me picking you up off the floor and getting you into my car with a bucket to get you home. I guess people don't really question how they get home, they're just amazed that they did.

In any case tonight was a great discussion with a bunch of people who were not under the influences of substances and I was really glad to catch up with them. There were several items of interest and the fact that I can't simply say we talked about this and this and that is a sign of nice diversity in topics. Or maybe I'm too tired to make concise comments... oh alright... backpacking, religion, elementary school/highschool politics/experiences, books and the driving ability of several people out on the road tonight.

One last thing, the moon looks amazing!

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