Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Badass step one

So I've quit my job to focus on becoming a more rounded and interesting person.  Not someone who just has dreams but might actually be able to go about accomplishing a goal.  I've had this plan for a while, this mythical time when in the future I would have all the inclination to read, practice and learn new skills.  To basically, take a level in Badass.

That time is now and yesterday I felt like I really started down that path. 

Two classes that have me already looking forward to next week: Yoga and fencing.  I've done yoga before and thankfully this instructor follows the same idea that my last one did, don't take yourself too seriously. It was a great class of seeing how far you could push your muscles and reminding them that the day in day out work they do is not a tenth of their potential.  Later that night I went to my first fencing lesson.  We're working with rapiers and everyone seems like really great people who are enthused to share their knowledge and have new members join.

So I walked away from my evening feeling energetic and ready to take on the next stage, information.  Today I went to the library and picked up a few book "Arte of Defence: An introduction to the use of the rapier" "Fencer's start-up: A beginner's guide" and "By the Sword: A history of gladiators, musjeteers, samurai, swashbucklers, and Olympic champions"  They seem like really interesting reads and should give me a better understanding of what I'm doing with my blade.

Best part of the yoga/fencing combo?  my muscles don't feel sore at all today.
I hope to keep a consistent log of what I get up to over the next few months... it might even become part of my attempts to improve my writing.

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