Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I don't do winter well. I have an aversion to extreme temperatures, and yet I live in an extreme climate that can drop down to -35C in the middle of the winter and stay there for a week or get colder just for fun. Nothing like the weather saying -40C with a wind chill to make it feel like -52C. I've been outside walking home from the university in temperatures where your skin freezes in under 30 seconds... only getting home and hearing the weather warning about staying inside... great, I hear about it now?

I honestly don't think my family in Australia can even believe that the planet has places that get this cold. I dealt with my ever growing testiness with winter and ranted about it from time to time... but then I went to Mexico in February of 2009 and I realized that we didn't need to live this way. In the time it takes me to drive to my grandmothers I could be flying and landing in a place with palm trees.

Apparently I have become more vocal in my despising of winter... probably a bit unbearable at times.

So this year I've decided to do something different. I'm going to try and focus on all the good things that come about from the season and try to bundle up enough that the wind doesn't get me an make me into a grumpy gusset. I'm using twitter to keep track of them. I have a standby list of things that I thought up a few days ago but I'm mostly going to try and take ideas from my every day life. It is making me feel like I'm a little bit more ready for winter.

Wish me luck


  1. And I always thought you liked winter, since you STEAM when you take your gloves off, and always have these lovely walk stories.

    I am getting annoyed at not having winter. Come on, it's almost Christmas. Some snowcover would be nice.

  2. I find winter to start dragging on me the longer I HAVE to be outside walking for hours in dangerously cold weather or shoveling for hours and hours. There is nothing like having 3 hours of shoveling to look forward too to make you start hating the snow flying. So I'm getting back into the mood of liking it.

    Ha and yes the steaming mittens are on a list of to come tweets.