Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration and mountains

Sarah and I have been swapping links online for a while now to give each other a taste of what has been capturing our interest.  Each of us looking at a little project to do, videos that make us happy and so on.  The vlogbrothers and zefrank making up a big chunk of what we share on youtube.

 Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts class of 2012 is the most recent thing we've been watching. In his speech Mr Gaiman talked about his mountain or goal in life. Choosing to do things that get him closer to his mountain.  It made for an interesting talk yesterday.  On a long ramble around the lake we got talking about what our mountains were.  Both of us are sitting in a time of flux trying to find what we want to strive for... so the mountain is pretty hazy.

Sarah has a much clearer view of what her mountain is not.  I thought about looking at a mountain at night with stars shinning on either side.  You can see the mountain because it blocks out other things.  While the stars are beautiful they are not your mountain.

I was thinking more along the lines of building my own mountain... but now I'm wondering if that was a misdirected answer.  I'm still doing it but I'm not sure where it is going... like finding a few boulders that have bounced down the mountain towards me and I'm thinking that putting a few together would make a pretty good hill to climb.  And being from a prairie province a hill is pretty impressive.

But for now I'm writing down all the little things that I love to do and I'm putting them up on my wall in a hope that eventually I'll look up and see what direction these boulders have been coming from.

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