Monday, October 3, 2011

A new direction

Alright, so I'm back in Canada after another adventure around the world. Slowly I'm making my way back to Regina and questioning what I should do with my life and where I'll be living 5 months from now. I don't know why that time seems to be important but it seems as good as any... wait... that would be my birthday... good job mind for keeping up on things when I'm just sitting back.

I've been thinking more and more about my past goals of keeping this blog up to date, but that just doesn't seem my style. (much like how comas seem to escape my notice most days till I really work at it)

I've been using a website called Ohlife which has pleased me to no end and keeps me on track with recording my day to day memories with email reminders. Very handy. So now I can focus on actually making this into a Blog with a theme? Pattern?

I've had a bunch of recommendations about what it could be about and I think a little mix would help things.

Sarah said way back at the start that I should record how I meet people. To be a helpful guide to others in need of learning the art of friendship.

A woman that I met in the UK last month said that I should write out all the crazy little stories from my traveling adventures.

Both of these I think would be really fun to write about and would not require keeping in a chronological order... where my life seems to break down if I try doing things like this.

So the plan is set. The stories are there in my brain and the people are out there to meet.

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