Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yesterday was a nonstop thrill ride of adventure and discovery!

I don't think I can possibly hype this day up any more.

I got together with Joc in the afternoon. We wanted to have an adventure that was as cheap as possible. My mom suggested that we go for a walk around the Government House grounds looking at the flower beds. It was great. The grounds are something I've never explored during the day; there were all sorts of flowers coming up. I think another trip out is necessary after the weather has calmed down enough for the plants to not drown, and get some sun in their systems.

We then went and looked around Gov House itself, there was a type of guide in costume who seemed really familiar but I have no idea where I knew her from. Joc and I did the self directed tour and reminisced about all the childhood field trips out here. Highlights included the rocking horse for the pet monkey, the parrot that only spoke french, the chair that was specially designed to be as uncomfortable as possible for door to door sales men and the day bed for catching ladies who fainted after having their corsets tightened. Some of the furniture was just fantastic and we both found items that we'd love to have in our own homes some day. She found a neon green chair, while I found a rose couch that was all swirls and curved lines. We had great fun listening to all the ambient audio that has been added to rooms to give you a real feel of what the room was for. I appreciated immensely that they refrained from putting a laughing child track in the children's play room, that sounds creepy no matter how hard you try. We found former Lieutenant-Governors conversing together in a side room dinner party and we had a great time giggling at the various conversations. Nothing like a man from 1805 talking with a woman from 1988. Also just really interesting to hear about their lives.

We went out for raspberry lemonade and then back to her house to watch Top Gear. The after noon was like a mouse dancing with a flower in a museum with a bit of lemon on its head.

We were about to start our supper when Sacha called and asked if I could bring him out his spare keys. He was at Lumsden beach, and suspected that his keys were locked in the trunk of his car. It was too funny an opportunity to pass up. We ate, headed over to his parents and then an hour out to them. Joc and I were our own radio on the way out. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody and I'm a Believer, complete with musical interludes. Very fun, with much laughter on the way out. We were on high alert for any deer that might be wandering, as it was dusk when were were leaving the city, finally just as we got to the last turn off there was a deer. It was one of those moments where you can see how someone would give up vigilance for just a moment at the end of their trip and get screwed over. But we were fine, and the deer made its way off to the golf course.

Emily, Sacha, Sam and Jordan were very happy to see us and especially happy to see the keys. They had just been out for a few hours but Sam and Jordan were ravenously hungry, having not had anything to eat and being restricted from food at Emily's cabin. Which meant that they had eaten all the food they had brought, they had cooked potatoes and now were waiting on a German pancake to be finished baking. They told us of their search for food and how they had needed to steal scraps they found around the house. Their strange concoctions of butter, mayo and pickles in a tortilla shell. And how you knew they were hungry because even that tasted good. Sam while we were there ended up slowly eating away at a watermelon rind, until it was just a sliver of green and then he ate that too.

After a couple of rounds of cards, joc got the ball rolling on heading back into the city so that the guys could get some much needed sustenance. Restaurant picked we packed up and drove back. As we were nearing the edge of the city, once again we encountered an animal. Coasting up to a red light there suddenly came this rabbit running across our path. Had we not been slowing it wouldn't have made it. Good luck to you little rabbit! You are one ballsy little guy!

Sacha and Emily went home while Joc and I helped a friend on the phone talk out some worries about her boyfriend and money. Sam and Jordan tried to get a seat in the restaurant but the kitchen was closed. Joc started planning a girls night and Jordan messed up. He was talking with his girlfriend on the phone (his girlfriend's name is Sarah and she is Emily's best friend), and said "I'm so hungry Emily". So Joc was talking about relationships on one cell while Jordan was on another exacerbating the situation with his girlfriend. Sam and I watched as they paced in the exact same way back and forth parallel with each other. Is this the relationship walk? Sam said that the only good thing was that they weren't talking to each other on the phone.

We tried Subway but it was closed. Ended up walking over to McDonalds and being joined by Jordan and Joc when they had figured things out as best they could with their respective conversations. Food acquired, but still they needed something more. We drove over to Dominoes and the guys ordered a pizza. The teen at the till asked for a name and Sam just got this look. He gave his name but you could see something was sitting in his head. I said that I half expected him to debate "what is a name". Without missing a beat the guy at the till gave almost a textbook answer. I liked him instantly. While we waited, we went over to TimHortons' for some coffee and on our way in saw Jordan's twin, doppelganger, future self... we didn't know what we were seeing. He had the same hair, shirt, shorts, body type and similar-ish face. We forced Jordan in and he almost refused, claiming he didn't know what would happen if they were in the same room together. He insisted that they couldn't touch or the world would implode. The guy instantly noticed Jordan and deliberately walked by to get a second look. It was far too funny. He definitely didn't have Jordan's 110% jolliness... more of a 70% Jolly, 30% disdain.

As we were heading off to pickup the pizza our friend Sydney and Chris walked in. I was meeting Chris for the first time, I'm glad that I've seen his face before he, Ben and Sam take off on their 3 week hike to the ocean through the mountains. Crazy! But that's another post all together. Sam made me really happy that he introduced me as one of his favourite people. I'm glad the feeling is mutual. We got the pizza and sat out on a picnic bench as the weather was so gorgeous even past midnight. After a lot of talking and being eaten by mosquitoes Joc took us to Sam's and headed home.

I was going with Sam for company up to Jordan's and back as it is pretty far. We walked around Jordan's area and I found myself completely twisted around. I thought we were heading in one general direction when I suddenly found myself back at Sam's car. I've never experienced that much disorientation. It was a very cool feeling. The walk up in Jordan's area was very shenanigans filled with a variety of topics. It was fun to talk about some mutually known people and be able to say a line that I think sums up my personality.
"Do you know him?"
"Well... I've hugged him"

Jordan headed for bed and Sam and I still felt restless. We drove down to my end but realized that Sam was more tired than he thought. We chatted in my driveway watching the lightning flashes turn into a lightning storm with none touching down. Of course we rolled down the windows for some fresh air and there was an instant downpour. So our walk was out but we had a great chat. Eventually I stood to get out of the car. We started another interesting discussion so I got back in. Eventually around 3:30 we came to a close with Sam saying another line that just made me incredibly pleased.
Me: "No more talking you need sleep."
Sam: "Damn it Randene, you're just too interesting."

Thanks :)
And thanks for a great day everyone.


  1. Lol, you watched Top Gear? The show with Jeremy Clarkson?

  2. This made me happy. I'm glad you're having fun.