Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whirlwind visit

My grandmother and great aunt came by the house yesterday. This is a big thing as they both live over 6 hours away. They were down for their sister's birthday... which is today actually. They came by in the evening and we had supper. After dessert I spontaneously decided to take my grama for a ride around town. It worked out great. We saw everything that she loves: sculptures, birds, spring flowers, fountains and interesting houses. It was wonderful to just do something with her. I don't think I've ever really had the opportunity to just experience a moment in her presence. All family gatherings are such a production and a carefully choreographed event that even going for a walk almost needs to be agreed on by comity.

We got back and she was so happy. We looked at photos from her 80th birthday on my laptop and she was beaming and practically giddy the whole time. She said she was beginning to understand how people could love being on the computer for hours.

We said good night. And this morning I woke up a little with a kiss goodbye from her on my forehead. Such a lovely visit.

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