Monday, June 28, 2010

An evening reveling past dawn.

I had another night of adventure on Saturday. I had talked with Sam about getting together earlier in the evening... that didn't happen.

What did happen is a series of rather convoluted events that make up wonderful memories. I was making pies and having supper with my parents when Sam called. We had planned to get together and do anything really, to hang out before he leaves, but he had some tear down to do for his cousin's band later. He invited me out to a restaurant to meet up with him and his friends until he had to go help.

The guys (Chris, Mitch and Sam) were all in suits when I got there and discussing China in a world market setting. That is, Sam was expounding on how it was setting itself up to be a larger market than the United States with an even greater amount of middle class and with more disposable income... and his friends Mitch and Chris looked bored. Maybe I just don't know them well enough to read their faces but it seemed like this was not the conversation they were looking for. Interesting, but it needed to move on. Sam thankfully was the one to change it by asking about my pie making. He had foolishly said he would bring a home made pie to his work the next day, and didn't know how to make one. He wanted to buy one of mine, but they were both spoken for. As Kaela came in I explained I had some extra pastry, it was decided that he would buy some pie filling and we would go over to my house and make one at some point in the evening. Mesel came in a few minutes later in a suit and we the girls found ourselves woefully under dressed with all the guys looking so great. However Kaela's Captain America t-shirt was pretty kick ass. Mitch tried to get a limo to take us around for the evening, as it was his birthday, but they were all taken for grad.

Sam and I slipped across the road to pick up some pie filling. There were a lot of people dressed up in there. It was strange to see people in suits shopping. I felt like I had fallen into a classier time. I think I should dress up more, as it just makes things better. I decided to go home and suit up. I went with a black and white dress, dark grey suit jacket, red heels and long red earrings. I met them after tear down, where the band's gear is stored and helped haul in. I was feeling rather Utilicool to be hauling while dressed up. Sam noticed I was carrying a keyboard almost as long as I am tall (5'7").
"Is that heavy? Probably too heavy for heels."
Yes, I suppose it was. We shared a laugh and he took it off my hands, I'd proved to myself that I can be helpful even with heels so I was happy to let him take it. I've never had a heel snap on me but I'm sure that was a good recipe for disaster. We chatted out in the alley with Andrew, Sam's brother and decided the next stop should be their house and then possibly a bar.

I drove Chris home as he had work the next day and headed over to Sam's. Just as I pulled up Sam called and told me he was running down the street from Mitch's house where they had really ended up. I picked him up along the way and found that the group was stalling on going out. We managed eventually to get everyone out the door. I drove Mitch's huge SUV and Mesel was right when he said, "You don't drive this car, it drives you." Foolishly we had thought that our suits would stand out... again we forgot grad night. Suits everywhere!

We danced, people got drinks and I ran into my friend Lydia. We had a great time while we were there and then headed back to Mitch's. Suits had been displayed to the world and compliments received. Success! Mesel and I had a dance party all ourselves for a good portion of the evening, starting at the bar and continued to Mitch's living room where we kept the music going all night and into the morning.

It was nice just having some fun and hanging around, and even better getting to know Mesel more. We had a really long discussion by ourselves for almost an hour about everything and nothing. Mesel, Mitch and I were alone for a bit and we were talking about the guy Sam had picked up. Mitch thought it was going to turn into a boyfriend thing and he was really upset by how little we knew about the guy and how much he knew about us. I could see his fear but more so that the guy didn't know Sam at all. There was this great moment of Sam-ness when he was talking about how Bob Dylan was amazing even if he was conceited. Sam used some phrase that was more elaborate than necessary but captured his point, and the guy tried to get us to laugh at Sam... no... Just because you find it funny that he's smarter than you doesn't mean that he's going to dumb himself down, or that we will respect him less. Piss off. We love him and don't even know you, we're not siding with you on this unless you can make witty comments. He seemed nice enough but just chose a poor moment to try and be funny. I think the guy might have picked up on it as there was no reaction to his comment and I encouraged Sam to finish his point.

The guy eventually went home and we teased Sam a bit about it all. People just have different standards for friends vs relationships. It was nearing 6am and we were feeling the lag. Kaela had gone to sleep (presumably in Mitch's bed as they're dating). So it was down now to Mesel, Mitch, Sam and Me. So what to do? Suit walk!

We went for a walk around the south end of town with all the morning dog walkers and joggers out. We looked like an anachronism. But maybe I just looked bizarre as I had borrowed some huge thick skate shoes from Mitch. It looked like I had cartoon feet. I loved it! We had an interesting walk with all of us tired and trying to have discussions. Mitch kept having ideas that would trail off in the middle and Mesel couldn't stop himself from trying to get the ideas to finish. He constantly felt like Mitch was subconsciously on the edge of a breakthrough or revolutionary thought.

We got back to Mitch's around 7 and started talking about time perception and measurement with Mitch's dad. Sam told us about measuring time with cesium oscillations. A very informative morning. But as it got on to 7:30 I headed home for sleep.

So no pie was baked in the end and I've met a few new people, had some great chats and danced till I could dance no more. A great evening.


  1. Randene I miss you much!

    I wish I knew Sam better. He sounds like tons of fun. BUT I get to see Nick this weekend :)

  2. more updates!!!