Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes! I got my fix of Karaoke. There is a Norebang set up in town now! (Karaoke in your own room) I had been thinking of getting one started when I got back and apparently someone else had seen the need first. (thank goodness!) It was such a blast from Korea. The almost exact same set up with all the crazy random music videos from Japan and Korea playing in the background as you sing your English classic rock and pop songs. I got a high five from the guy running the thing for knowing how to work the massively elaborate controller. Made me rather pleased to have made use of something I learned on my trip.

Now this post is rather hard because basically ever memory from last night sends me off on musings of Korea... so lets give this a try.

1) The servers all had gaps in their knowledge of English.
Ok so there is a language gap. There seemed to be a need for a phrase book at times but things got sorted easily enough eventually.

2) The server to my friends for their meal reminded me of Martin.
Martin is one of the Korean translators that my friend Mike uses while he's in Korea. Basically the guy last night just seem to have the same smile and reactions that I would expect Martin to have... Like I was seeing a younger brother of his because he wasn't as nice as Martin... No one on earth can be as nice as Martin.

3) The Karaoke place was advertised on the street with a sign above the door with a big arrow and a 2.
Signs like that have led me to some of my most interesting experiences.

4) We rocked out!
Nothing really that different... just we rocked out hard. 2 hours of singing and then everyone saying "ONE MORE HOUR!" I realized that I can sing ABBA, Aqua, Chumbawamba, and Mika all with great ease. Pleasing, very pleasing.

5) I felt like I could catch a cab back to Mike's at the end of the night.
A flood of memories hit me as I left. I should be going back to Mike's, where is my code for the door?
And even now the little voice of his elevator is singing in my head:

"Chi chin da"
"Levela di da"
And then Mike and I burst into singing Whigfield's Saturday night.

I'm so happy right now.

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