Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm having an introspective day. Well, that's not to say that the day is just me thinking of me but taking things around and analyzing what I'm thinking about it. Also I've been hyper aware of the word "Your" these past few days. Such as: What does "your" mean when it doesn't actually apply to me, as in adds. "Your future home" it's not.

I was just listening to CBC radio and heard people talking about their experiences with a new show at the Guggenheim. They were talking about discovering what a conversation is all about. I found myself feeling incredibly sorry for these people out there that need an exhibit to have a good conversation. How to have someone disagree with you is this radically new way to talk to people. That it can be called a conversation even if you're not having your opinions validated... Your friends fail...

Again that wording. Someone out there... maybe, will read this and think "My friends don't fail" so it doesn't apply to them so what does... I'm getting off topic.

Anyways thinking in regards to this Guggenheim show about interaction and progress, I like the concept. Or, I like the idea that I'm assuming inspired this. I see it, as giving people an open space to talk and someone there to actively start the interaction. Maybe I should start something that uses this idea. I'm thinking of little booths with a couple of chairs and having people be seated by a host. Maybe a little box with conversation starters and a place for people to write down their own ideas. People have to talk for a minimum of maybe 3- 7 minutes. And then they can decide when to break off from there. I'm not talking about speed dating or anything, just meeting someone new and having a conversation. Most people I've started talking with randomly in the street seem almost desperate to talk to someone but never know how to start a conversation or find an appropriate setting.

I think there could be a common room or some larger area where people could take their discussion if their time got to ..20? minutes and they wanted to keep talking. Like a coffee shop with emphasis on talk...

I should think about this.

Goals for today are to find my other slipper and return my library books.
Really ambitious goals for today I'm sure, but I'm not feeling very well so I'm going to take it easy.

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  1. Love the idea.

    Also, there are cue cards with conversation starters on them lol