Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Childhood memories

I get great fulfillment from my childhood observations matching up with my current assessment.

Mostly this comes from my enjoyment of the movie Anastasia this weekend. I headed up/down/over (what ever your point of reference) to Winnipeg and spent time with Sarah and the many people she's living and working with. They had tried to find the movie a few weeks earlier but Winnipeg apparently does not feel like stocking that movie for rental or purchase. Sad news for them. Thankfully they had me coming to visit with a VHS. There was the fear that our fond memories were going to be disappointed but watching was even better than remembered. Bartok maintained his title as the best part of the show as we laughed at his every line.

A second instance of childhood memories being justified is a great deal different. I went to a friend's birthday and we ended up watching The Muppets perform various songs. I was struck with the need to share a song that has been almost haunting me in my memories. For some reason I liked it as a child but remembered it to be creepy. I didn't really know if what still creeped me out was really that strange or just my memories coming in to mess around. For the longest time I had thought it was all a dream. It was one of the first things I looked for on youtube when it first started up. Nothing for several years... eventually someone did upload it.

I got to share it with my friends and have them end with saying:

"WHat the hell was that?!"
"That was on a kids show?!"

30 minutes later....
"'s still in my head!"

I'll check back with them in 20 years and see if they still remember it. I'm guessing they will.


You're Always Welcome At Our House.

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