Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has come.

I was pleased this year not to be caught off guard by the release from winter's grip. In the past I would be running home after classes, not have the time to observe, with a brain full of stress about deadlines and exams. I'd go out in the evening on occasion and feel like spring would never be seen again as the dark would steal any warmth that had built up from the day. But that's just a symptom of living essentially in a desert. Then it would hit me that the weather was getting better and I'd always wonder how I had missed it.

This year has been special. I've been taking many more walks during the day watching the snow slowly melt with not a care in the world (me, not the snow... then again it probably could be said to not have a care too...). I saw my first lady bug of the season just a day or two ago and realized that I see them as a true indication of spring over any robin song. The world around me is getting a break. Everything can finally stretch out and breathe.

Yesterday we had a Good Friday BBQ out in the park and I was amazed by the perfection of the day. Our whole way of life is coming back, geese breaking through the ice and carving out a place to swim, beavers chewing on trees and not caring at all that a bunch of people are coming by to look at them. Everyone was so happy. The sun was shinning and as I looked around I wanted this feeling to last longer than it possibly could.

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