Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pretty hilarious

Most of our lives we are told that we have to look a certain way. Men are supposed to be stoic and show little emotion. Women (at least from my experience) are told that a smile is their daily required mask. As a child anything less than simple grins and you'll have men and women yelling at you from their backyards about how a smile doesn't cost anything or how you're going to look so much prettier if you smile.  I find it so odd having complete strangers insisting that they get a smile out of me.  I have no emotional connection to them and yet they feel they are personally put out that I'm not giving them the comfort of a smile.  I'm not a very confrontational person (for the most part), so I tend to give in and smile. I've had people come out of their yards and talk to me about how I need to smile because "it isn't as bad as it seems"... as if they know how a stranger's life can go from day to day. Let's keep in mind this is when I was a kid walking to and from school so I had to be in front of a lot of monitoring busybodies the whole way.

 The only expression should be of a pleasant disposition without being overly emotional.  To this day I find my default emotion is a smile. This has been a problem at times when a grin isn't really appropriate but it is my go to facial expression. The only time that I would feel free would be making funny faces.   I would stand in front of the mirror and make funny faces at myself. I would crack myself up laughing for as long as I could. So let me tell you how excited I was to find a group of women exactly like me.

These women understand how fun manipulating your face can be. The standards of beauty are tossed  aside for a while to make something of pure joy. It reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously and we get to see the spectacularly different ways our facial muscles can move.

I highly recommend this to anyone that is feeling down about themselves or how they look.  You can always make yourself look like you're happy. Or you can make a funny face and be happy.  Good luck finding a new way to move your face today.

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