Thursday, September 21, 2017

Closing tabs

My main source of mess in my life is paper clutter. My main source of online clutter is open tabs.  I have a to do list a mile long (if not longer). I use Chrome and they don't even tell you how many tabs you have when you push over 100. They just give you a smile :)

Which frankly I love. But I'm giving up my smiley face in favour of a streamlined life. Most of my tabs come from a place of distraction. I'm looking around for interesting things in life and find out about 13 new ones.  So rather than loose track of any of these new experiences I start delving into the minutia. Today I was doing 'A' which reminded me of 'B', so I had to make a note of 'C' because it is directly related to 'A'.... and so on until you find yourself at 'F' and feeling really pleased to have finished 'D' and 'E' today because you were going to need to do that before doing 'C' to change your 'A'. 

Right now I'm pleased to say I'm down to 79 tabs from my 81 earlier today. Everyday a little more by having a little less. 

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