Friday, January 3, 2014

My life in boxes

So I have taken to spending all of my spare time in just putting things in boxes and self reflectively thinking.  Inevitably I came to the question:
Why am I packing to put things in storage rather than just sell or give everything away?

The best answer I could come up with was:
Because I have a sense that I will someday own a home that will require pots and pans

This vague idea of what my life will look like in say three or five years is in a constant state of flux.  I'm torn in too many directions career wise and travel.  Advice from a gold prospector/inventor is ringing in my ears.  FOCUS

1) The world of stability- buying a home, becoming an apprentice electrician and slowly making my way to being a journey-woman.  So say 5 years down the line I will be working, volunteering in the community, saving for retirement, and making enough to have a few fun trips here and there in the world.  I think the double income no kids lifestyle would work best for me.

2) Moving - Take my Sign Language Translation course and spend a few years intensively training for that.  I could then either keep living out there in the community I would know and build there, or I would head back to the city I live in now to reconnect with my friends and family... basically just be gone for a few years doing something I will love and ultimately have to make the same decisions about what to do and where...

3) Try for a life in the arts - singing and painting - what I want to do is sing with a group of musicians and finally make my CD that has been in the works for these past few years.  I've got to have a few more solid songs and a recording studio.  As far as art goes I want to work on larger projects and take my sketches and work from my note books and put them on canvas or frame them.  I want to get to a point where I have to start selling some or I'll not have any room left.  Both of these have me longing to take some time to really hone my craft to make the most out of my enjoyment and take my current skill to the next level.

4) and then there is chaos.  The life that I would love to have but requires lots of money to do.  Basically run around the globe picking up stories as I go.  For now this goal will be satisfied by writing down my random experiences in my blog.

Which ever I should chose to go with it will be an adventure. 

Are you finding yourself at a crossroads?
What options are you looking at?
What sort of life interests you?

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