Friday, November 15, 2013

Spy or crazy

So today at work it came to my attention that everyone I have just started working with were of the opinion that I was a mole, a plant, or a spy.  There are three major reasons for this. 

1) The people I work with (by their own admission) are a paranoid lot
2) My dad works for them as a private investigator
3) I'm always writing

This last one is the big one.  I always have something to write on.  For the most part I use my phone's note sections or send myself emails.  But that constant use of a phone doesn't really go over well with people in a work setting.  So I got a notebook to keep my thoughts in order.  I collect up all my ideas and just keep my mind from being overwhelmed by keeping track of all this new information coming in.  But it freaked people out. A lot.

I was asked around my 3rd day not to write any more during lunch.  They didn't like that I was making a list of ideas for what to bring for lunch or writing down my plans for the weekend.  They got rather creeped  out by it.  I was a bit embarrassed but kept writing because that's just how I think.

Today last day of my second week my office mate somehow got to telling me that she thought she was going to loose her job from all the stuff I was writing down.  I was completely thrown off.  I had been making a list of pros and cons for traveling next year and told her so. 

Pro: Adventure                    Con: No stability     
Pro: Having a hot winter       Con: Not being able to afford a house

She just started laughing.

I tried to let people know through the day that I wasn't a spy and just this is how I think... which means that people now think I'm crazy.  I prefer people thinking I'm a spy.

One good thing that came out of this is that my office mate has declared that she thinks I'm cool rather than crazy (which is always nice to hear).  She asked why I didn't blog, and it got me thinking about this blog that I just stopped working on.  So I found a list of writing prompts to get me back into the swing of things and have started pulling together some thoughts for the next few months.

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