Thursday, November 25, 2010

A good start to getting back to writing

Estelle's request for an update was read, mentally agreed to and then pushed away into a back cupboard of my head. So here I am. Back to write and wondering what bits to include. I had started writing up a little observation about the transition to fall, but now with winter actually here and smacking us in the face it seems a little pointless. Winter came at us in a strange way this time around, or maybe this is the way it happens every year but I just noticed this time clearly.

The blizzards kept coming and melting over and over, and then one day it just stuck. Winter was here. No small snowfall, just blizzard after blizzard. I noticed especially because of my job. I've been driving around the province taking pictures for elementary and high schools. Really enjoyable and I got to see a lot of the province that I've never had a reason to go explore. But what caught my attention was just the wall of winter melting into a field of late fall, or a small town being the line where the green grass grew up to and then was replaced by sheets of ice. I especially love the contrast of calling a school to find out if photos can even take place, they say they're having a lovely fall day, while I dug for two hours to get my car out of the drive way.

And yet I'm ridiculously happy. I'm looking forward to Christmas. This is huge for me, I've not been a fan of the season for the past 15 years or so. And now I'm looking around and thinking about hosting Christmas parties and getting gifts for people ahead of time. It isn't a struggle to find SOMETHING good about this season, I'm just over achingly pleased about the days. I'm even getting some of my rage at the cold under control... however I have thought about going to the airport on numerous occasions and just slapping down to some money for a one way ticket to Spain or someplace. I think I'm feeling free. Now being done school and having the options to go anywhere. The possibilities are so vast and everything seems possible. A pep talk from my 95 year old neighbour really helped me along with this.

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